Former Leafs star goaltender to host event at Niagara Falls sports bar

Former Toronto Maple Leafs star goaltender Curtis Joseph will host a Molson Hockey House event on April 5 at Chip ‘n Charlie’s Bar & Eatery in Niagara Falls.

Joseph, who had successful seasons with the NHL franchise between 1998-2002 before returning for a brief stint in 2008-09, is expected to be joined by other Leafs alumni at the event, which will take place in 7 p.m., as Toronto takes on the Florida Panthers.

The event will include photo ops, quizzes and Leafs prizes.

Doug Chipman, co-owner of Chip ‘n Charlies, said the Lundy’s Lane establishment has a “strong” relationship with Molson, selling “a lot” of their products.

He said since Molson is an official partner of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, owner of the NHL franchise, hosting such an event at the local sports bar was a natural fit.

“It’s going to be a really cool event,” said Chipman, who described Joseph as a “perfect gentleman.”

He said it didn’t take long for the buzz to build, as the company received more than 100 booking calls in eight hours after the event information was posted on Facebook.

“People I hadn’t heard from in a long, long time messaged me to try to book tables,” he said.

“We are only 200 seats, so the doors will be locked, the Leaf game will be launched and Curtis Joseph will interact with everyone present on site. Hopefully the weather is good and we may be able to open our 100-seat (outdoor) terrace. We will make sure everyone is safe.

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