Esfand screams while singing at the Korean Karaoke Bar

During her trip to South Korea, Esfand sang at a karaoke bar. Joined by some of the streamers from the trip, he sang with former K Pop singer and streamer Sora.

They were singing the song Chandelier by Sia, except when the chorus came he started screaming. This was in reference to a joke version of the song that fans of Swedish streamer Twitch Forsen are familiar with.

Esfand shouts while singing Chandelier

During Emiru’s stream of the OTK gang’s trip to South Korea, most of the band members went to a karaoke bar. However, Mizkif did not attend.

Korean streamer and former K Pop singer Sora joined them as she and Esfand sang Chandelier by Sia on the karaoke machine. Although many viewers enjoyed his singing voice, it was the OTK streamer who stole the show by shouting as loud as he could during the chorus.

It was in reference to the Gachi version of Chandeliera meme version of the song which gained popularity when it appeared on Swedish streamer Twitch Forsen’s stream. Gachi remixes take original songs and splice them into sexually explicit soundbites of pornography.

Forsen is closely associated with the odd music subgenre due to frequent reading Gachi versions of songs on his streams. Esfand made a clear reference to this version, as the next line, he says, comes directly from this version and is not in the original song.

People joked that he sang the “correct” iteration of the song, probably because they thought the version was funny or just couldn’t hear it while listening to Sia’s original song.

Charming Jo, a Korean streamer who accompanied the band on their trip to South Korea, walked into the room the moment he started screaming. He stood right next to him as he continued to scream. He took off his mask and looked visibly uncomfortable.

Fans react to Esfand’s karaoke singing

A Reddit fan who saw the clip joked that it was the “correct” version of the song. Viewers certainly didn’t hold back with their comments.

Others said they were enjoying the stream, but wished Mizkif was there to join in the karaoke singing. We missed him a lot.

Everyone who was there at the karaoke bar seemed to be having fun with the streamer’s singing.

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