Dry Bar: 12 photos of Manchester’s lost venue the year it burst onto the scene

It’s been over 30 years since the legendary Dry Bar opened its doors in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Oldham Street nightclub burst onto the scene in 1989 and over the years frequented by many Madchester and Britpop bands at the time, apart from Liam Gallagher and Shaun Ryder.

And these photos, taken on August 1, 1989, show what the popular venue looked like in its first year of operation.

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The Oldham Street nightclub was opened by Factory Records in 1989, as a project Fac 201, label boss Tony Wilson said, “Dry must be to bars what Hacienda is to clubs.”

The then futuristic interior was designed by Architect Ben Kelly Design. Manchester’s Northern Quarter hasn’t always been a place you’d want to hang out at night, but since Dry Bar, several bars have sprung up in the area over the decades.

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But in 2017, the institution in the North Quarter was sold with planning permission for a boutique hotel.

Here are 12 photos from his past.

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