Couple seek rezoning for downtown tiki bar | News

Maria and Daniel Keaveney recently paid $72,500 for the property at 407 E. Third St. and hope to build a tiki bar there.

They are appearing before the Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission on Thursday asking that the property be rezoned from light industrial to central business.

Carol King Alvey, who lives next door to the property, wrote a letter to the editor of the Messenger-Inquirer, saying: ‘I am extremely concerned about the level of noise a bar will bring with the loud music and the people who are partying. There is no doubt that peace, tranquility and well-being will be completely compromised. »

Daniel Keaveney said the planned Tiki Lab would not be that type of bar.

“Tiki Lab does craft cocktails and a light menu served in a relaxed island vibe,” he said. “Craft cocktails use fresh ingredients and precise preparation methods. The skill of the bartender is a feature of the experience.”

Keaveney said, “High-quality ingredients include freshly squeezed fruit juices, homemade flavoring syrups and premium spirits.”

He said: “Tiki Lab will use the freshest ingredients available from a robust soft drink menu. Selections can include nojito – a non-alcoholic mojito – sparkling waters and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Keaveney said: “Tiki Lab will serve a menu of five to seven food choices on small plates. The flavor of the dishes on the menu will complement the overall tiki island theme and include the use of local ingredients where possible.

He said, “Tiki Lab will be a place that won’t take itself too seriously while serving seriously crafted drinks and delicious bar bites.”

The property had a multi-story building until October 2007 when it was damaged by a tornado.

It is on the northeast corner of Crittenden and Third streets, one block east of JR Miller Boulevard.

Keaveney said, “The proposed rezoning would respect the spirit of the 2008 Owensboro Downtown Illustrative Master Plan, which emphasized strengthening pedestrian orientation along East Third Street. This increases the amount of food available for sale downtown and improves the cohesion of Owensboro’s entertainment district. »

He said Tiki Lab will be one block from the Second and Crittenden street trolley stop.

King said the Tiki Lab “would also be opposite Friends of Sinners, which is also not beneficial to them and their residents.”

She said: ‘My property has been zoned light industrial for many years, although my house has been a residence since the 1930s or 1940s. It has been my house since January 1999 and my brother’s before that. My family first moved to this block in 1958, so we love this neighborhood and downtown.

King said, “All residences have been here for decades with people who deserve low noise around them to sleep at a time when a bar will still be open for business.”

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