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Sexy time at the karaoke bar

Nono Shen/Richmond News – | History: 365915

Videos showing a couple having sex in a private room at a Richmond karaoke bar exploded on social media within hours of being posted.

Both videos were posted on many Chinese websites and widely shared on WeChat.

In the two leaked video clips, it appears the couple was filmed through a window on the private bedroom door.

A manager at Deco Nova, the karaoke bar where the incident apparently took place, told Glacier Media that they were aware of the incident but “their store (located on the third floor of Aberdeen Square) does not has nothing to do with these videos.

“The incident seriously damaged the reputation of our brand. Above all, our store does not allow anyone to secretly shoot videos like this. Secondly, our space is only for people who sing karaoke, not for intimate behavior. The couple in the video also violated the rules,” the official said.

He added that he was going to ask the websites where the videos are currently posted to remove them and begged people to stop sharing the content. He is also trying to find out who filmed and posted the videos in the first place. However, he said he has yet to contact the police.

Meanwhile, online, some people tried to identify the couple by comparing their appearances with some public websites. However, others call it.

It is a breach of privacy and an example of cyberbullying to keep circulating the videos, some posted.

Cyberbullying includes sending, posting or sharing negative, harmful, false or mean content about someone else without their consent, according to the Canadian government website.

“The distribution of intimate images and videos without the consent of the person featured in them is a common form of cyberbullying. It often appears as a form of revenge after a fight or a breakup. Regardless of the reason, this type of cyberbullying can be devastating to a person’s self-esteem, reputation, and mental health. In extreme cases, these acts have played a role in suicidal thoughts and self-harm,” the website reads.

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