Cocktail bar offers cheap Hawaii getaway at Dublin’s only Tiki venue

Vacation prices are rising and with the wait time at airports, there is simply too much time and money involved in getting to your dream vacation destination.

If you want to take the Luas instead of a plane, you can fly to Hawaii without suffering from jet lag.

But you might suffer from a hangover after your visit.

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Ohana on Harcourt Street is Dublin’s only Tiki bar and well worth a visit.

Caoimhe Phelan from Ohana told Dublin Live: “It takes 17 hours to get to Hawaii from here. It’s as close as possible.

“There is no specialty rum bar in Ireland and the Tiki concept has been around since Prohibition, it came into play when Prohibition ended.

“It was because the rum was on these remote islands and everyone was exploring and thought it was great, it was a huge thing in 1910s to 1930s America.

“People come here through word of mouth and TikTok. People love the decor and the details. Down to the coasters, we really care about the details, they are made from bamboo which is important.

“Our toilets have pineapples on the door and our glasses were imported by a man who bakes them in his oven.”

But why should we ditch the typical Irish culture and head to a Hawaiian bar instead of the common traditional pub?

Caoimhe said, “The old man’s pub is something typically visited and our age group in particular, it makes us feel the need to act older and mature.

“But it’s a place where you can come and play your age. There is a disco bar, a DJ most nights. You’re sitting in the corner of an old man’s pub, you can do it at home.

“At Temple Bar we don’t have the same customer service because there are a lot of people, but here it’s more intimate, it’s quieter, you can have fun with the staff.

“We have a very small team, everyone gets along very well, it’s a great place to have. Everyone loves the Pina Colada here.

“I have friends who say they are the best and the mojitos here are amazing.

“I’ve traveled all over the world to every cocktail bar, and none of them compare to the ones we serve here.”

So maybe skip booking that flight and head to Harcourt Street for a tropical experience you’ll never forget – until you’ve had too many cocktails.

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