Casino Bar nominated for La Crosse’s endangered building list – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

An updated list of the Top 10 most endangered buildings in La Crosse.

Members of the city’s Heritage Preservation Commission appear to have reached consensus on three new buildings to be listed for 2022, including the Casino Bar on Pearl Street, which was damaged by fire in February 2021.

Two nearby buildings in the 600 block of South 4th Street, including the home of Amanda’s Dance Academy, would also be included as an entry on the list.

Panel member David Riel told a town hall meeting on Thursday that the effects of the Pearl Street fire went beyond the casino, such as “the fact that these buildings are all interconnected, they share When the Casino was damaged, part of the neighboring Brothers building was damaged.

La Crosse’s lead planner, Tim Acklin of the commission, doesn’t want to see the popular bar fall into disrepair.

Acklin said there was “a very strong possibility that (the Casino) will collapse, depending on what happens, and the longer it sits there, with damage done to it, the more likely it is to collapse. ‘collapses on its own’.

Two of the buildings on the 2021 endangered species list have already been demolished – the Marble Works building and Club Tucan. Both were on South 3rd Street. The other buildings on the 2021 10 Most Endangered list will be transferred in 2022.

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