Canadian restaurant and bar sales increased nearly 21% after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted

Food services and drinking places sales in Canada increased 20.7% in February 2022 compared to January.

The monthly increase reported by Statistics Canada follows the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions by provinces across the country.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, national food services and drinking places sales totaled $6.4 billion in February.

[Seasonally adjusted data is information that has been modified to eliminate seasonal and calendar influences.]

In a report released Tuesday, April 26, Statistics Canada said all provinces recorded sales increases.

Sales rose 47.5% at full-service restaurants in February.

Limited-service restaurants, such as fast food outlets, saw a 3% increase.

Special catering services, such as food trucks and catering, saw an 18% increase.

Meanwhile, sales at drinking places increased by 38.7% on a monthly basis in February 2022.

In British Columbia, the provincial government has lifted restrictions on personal gatherings, organized gatherings and events, nightclubs, bars and restaurants, exercise and fitness, and adult sports tournaments effective March 16. February 2022.

On March 11, BC’s order for indoor masks ceased along with restrictions on visitors to long-term care, religious gatherings and overnight camps for children and youth.

The term of the province’s COVID-19 vaccination card ended on April 8.


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