Burton’s former Bar Blush club has completely transformed as new businesses move in

A peek into a former Burton nightclub for nostalgic reasons led to its transformation into a popular hair salon. Andrew Upton was looking to move Andrew’s Hair Lounge as he felt they had ‘overrun’ the Rosliston Road base.

The salon had been part of Burton for 10 years, first opening near the roundabout near St. Peter’s Bridge, then moving to Rosliston Road. It was while he was looking for bigger premises that he had the chance to visit the old Bar Blush and decided to take the plunge.

The building has been empty since the bar closed in 2015, but now has a whole new, completely different breath of life – there’s no doubt about those stairs, though. Andrew, 30, said it was the perfect location for the new salon.

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He said: “We moved here because we had outgrown the other living room and were overlapping. It was time to find a new place.

“I had spent years looking at other salons and locals but nothing really appealed to me or stood out to me. Then the estate agent said they had this available so we thought we would come and have a look for nostalgic purposes as we used to come here a lot.

“As soon as I walked in I felt good. It’s amazing. It sounds corny but when I dreamed I had a living room, that’s what it looked like. That’s what I wanted.”

The building is not the memory that many club goers will remember – the bar is gone and the toilets are at the other end of the building. It has a beauty room and has been completely redecorated in an elegant and modern way.

It officially opened on Saturday, with the old salon only closing the day before on Friday, so there was no rest to get it ready for the big reveal.

Andrew, who was born and raised in Burton, said: “Everyone was shocked at her size and excited to death for us. It was really nice. It was difficult during covid because it was a bit a mental struggle to not work and stay home.

Andrew Upton cutting Caroline Adam’s hair

“We are really lucky because other places have closed and we have been able to expand. We were even approached by the fashion house Balmain because they observed us on social media and invited us to use their products. You don’t You can only do that if you have been invited and we are also a Balmain prestige salon.

“We’re like family and everyone gets along – clients too. Clients have made friends and ended up going to each other’s weddings. We love to laugh and giggle and give you great hair.”

Andrew’s Hair Lounge has three stylists and a beauty practitioner, with room for two more stylists to join the salon. They are also looking to rent out the beauty room on a weekly basis. It is open Tuesday through Saturday with late night appointments available.

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