Boom Battle Bar set to bring ax throwing, beer pong and mini golf venue to Plymouth

Plymouth looks set to have a new bar offering people the chance to channel their competitive side through ax throwing, digital darts and beer pong. Plans have been submitted which would see the UK’s first and only fight bar come to town.

Boom Battle Bar, combines food and drink with an “entertainment battleground” full of competitive games for all ages. The sites offer a range of activities in addition to offering food and drink, including ax throwing, mini-golf, billiards and electric darts.

Boom Battle Bar, which previously had locations in Cardiff, London and Liverpool, opened in Exeter’s Guildhall shopping center last month. Now Plymouth look set to join the club.

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A planning request has been submitted for graphics and projection panels and a freestanding panel to advertise Boom Battle Bar. He would arrive at the Barcode in Plymouth, operating from Unit 6.

The planning application, which Plymouth City Council planners will determine at a later date, contains no further details of the business. The site already has planning permission for the class of use to which Boom Battle Bar falls.

A man throws an ax at a location in the Boom Battle Bar

In addition to beer pong and darts, visitors can challenge their friends to shuffleboard, pool, arcade games and even Singa-powered karaoke. Activities are rented for a set time so that someone can play alone or with a group of up to eight people.

The company’s website states that while “every bar is different”, its locations are generally open from noon to midnight, seven days a week. However, the bars are only open to people aged 18 and over. after 7 p.m. and ax throwing activities are also available for adults only.

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