Best Sports Bar 2021 | Coaches’ corner

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Coach’s Corner, Savannah’s most popular sports bar. Opened in 1991, it started as a business with nothing but a dream. People keep flocking for the great bar food, the excitement and the super fun atmosphere with music and sports. “We were the first sports bar in Savannah,” recalls owner John Henderson. “We are about 30 years old. It started as a small sports bar, and now it’s an institution. We have turned into a sports bar, concert hall and restaurant. Coach’s Corner’s long-standing success has been attributed to his dedication to the sport since Henderson was a die-hard Braves fan. “We were able to get games that everyone wanted to watch. You always get what you want when you come here. You don’t have to worry about coming here. If there’s a game you want to watch, I’ll find it for you, ”said Henderson. The way people want to watch games has changed since they opened. Other sports bars are opening and saturating with several large screens. Coach’s Corner has learned to evolve and adapt to the way people want to watch games, provide impeccable customer service and provide live entertainment in Savannah. “More people come to watch concerts than to sports,” said Henderson. “At the time, you had to come and watch the matches by satellite. It was the only way to get it. It is the evolution of a sports bar. We were the only ones who had it. Coach’s Corner has regularly booked groups such as the regional group The Producers and the powerful 1980s tribute groups Freebird The Ultimate Lynyrd Skynyrd Experience, Harvest Moon Celebrating The Music of Neil Young, The Ultimate Van Halen Tribute Band, and many more. ‘others. The success of their concert bookings has sold six consecutive shows in a row. Henderson is proud to announce Coach’s Corner’s latest upcoming event, The Rush Tribute Project, a Milwaukee-based Rush cover band that will perform on May 15th. Advance purchase of tickets is recommended due to popular demand. Whether it’s watching sports or music, one thing is for sure, their loyal clientele always return to their beloved bar to watch their favorite team or band play. Coach’s Corner remains Savannah’s oldest and most trusted event venue to this day. “We are really proud and happy to be the best sports bar in Savannah, and we are already striving to be,” said Henderson.

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