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Photo courtesy of Cervecería La Tropical

Cuba’s oldest brewery is now Miami’s newest brewery with the completion of Wynwood’s Cervecería La Tropical. The custom-designed complex is the realization of a passionate project led by the company’s CEO, Manny Portuondo, whose family purchased the land on which the original Cuban brewery once stood. The result is a sprawling 28,000 square foot space that houses a production brewery, tasting room and restaurant, as well as a live music stage and outdoor botanical gardens that honor the brewery’s past. Master Brewer Matt Weintraub will deliver over 20 spinning beers, anchored by 4.5% ABV La Original, a Viennese-style amber lager whose recipe dates back to 1888, and Nativo Key, a 4.5% ABV IPA session with tropical notes of mango, passion fruit and pineapple. Taking inspiration from a Latin Caribbean palette, Chef Cindy Hutson has crafted an equally Miami menu, ranging from tapas, flatbreads and sandwiches to her own version of a fried burger, topped with chorizo, ground pork. , potatoes and tomato marmalade on brioche. You’ll be grateful for these hearty dishes as you sample the brewery’s Tropilina, a tropical high octane double IPA with notes of citrus, pineapple, guava and grapefruit.

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