Best Karaoke Bar 2019 | Daddy’s Karaoke | Night life

Winner: Dad’s Karaoke Bar

2615 Mossrock

(210) 267-5703

With its lively atmosphere and variety of song choices, Dad’s Karaoke Bar provides the perfect environment to test your vocal talents. If you need help working up the courage to take the stage and sing, this stalwart also has a solid selection of wells and beers. Hey, sometimes it takes a bit of self-confidence to convince attendees they have the range and showmanship to get on the mic, right? To add to the eclectic fun, performers sing to the crowd on a library-themed stage — fun fact: the shelves hold real books. Part of the appeal is also Dad’s ability to cater to diverse musical tastes. Expect a diverse lineup, ranging from country to pop to R&B, and energetic support from audiences across all genres. Reserve a table in advance for a comfortable view of the stage, and show up early to get your name at the top of the list and avoid long wait times.

2. Who’s Who Cocktails

1711 Babcock Road

(210) 973-5055

3. Hidden Tavern 11407 West Ave.

(210) 541-0001

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