Banquet Bar: Inside look at Calgary’s newest sports bar with a HUGE patio

Calgary’s Banquet Bar is finally open and people are so excited.

The sports bar concept with a bowling alley, pool table, huge patio and more, launched this week and is located in the University District at #220, 3953 University Avenue NW.

The original location is in Fort McMurray, and the only other has become an extremely popular place for sports, games, food, drink and good times. Calgary loves its sports bars that turn into fun party spots, so this place should fit right in.

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Self-identifying as an “upscale dive bar,” Banquet Bar is an exciting new addition to the University District, which has become one of Calgary’s most vibrant communities.

OEB, Canadian Brewhouse and the new Village Ice Cream have just opened in this community, and the new and chic Borough Bar and Grill is opening this summer.

The space inside is spectacular, with tons of wooden tables and colorful booths, neon signs and other artwork covering the walls, TVs seen from all angles, games like the billiards, table tennis, mini-bowling and a life-size The price is right wheel.

banquet bar

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The outdoor space is equally beautiful and lucky for us; the massive patio opens today.

It’s a multi-level space with a panoramic view of the University District, with heaters, umbrellas, views of TVs, and wide-open catwalks for the excitement happening inside.

banquet bar

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The menu has all the pub style food you could hope for. We wish we could have tried everything, so bring a group to try as many things as possible.

Smoked brisket sliders, Boursin cheese poutines, Korean fried chicken wraps or pork belly mac and cheese are just a few examples of typical dishes made much more exciting at the Banquet.

banquet bar

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We tried the Trash Can Nachos, the Sushi “Tacos” and the Steamed Bao Buns, all of which were fantastic.

The nachos were loaded with mixed cheeses, fresh jalapeños, scallions, salsa, homemade hot sauce, sour cream, and pickled red onions, all piled high.

And for drinks, we had The Lebowski, The Temptress and the Pineapple Sour.

It was our favorite, shaken up with Buffalo Trace bourbon, pineapple juice, simple syrup, sour mix and dehydrated pineapple as a garnish.

banquet bar

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Honestly, it was quite an overwhelming experience in the best possible way. There were so many fun things to do everywhere we looked that we didn’t know where to start.

We suggest taking a breather, ordering some food, and planning to hang out with your funniest friends for a while.

The banquet bar

Address: University District – #220, 3953 University Avenue NW, Calgary


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