At Blacksheep Wine Bar in Chandler, try this sweet and sour cocktail

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When visiting a wine bar in downtown Chandler, meeting up with a cocktail was not part of the plan. Order one that tasted the same dessert was an even more unexpected twist. But it was still a happy accident.

Blacksheep Wine Bar & Merchant opened on the northwest corner of San Marcos Place and Boston Street in 2021. It’s a hip space with dark leather bar stools, whitewashed brick walls , monochrome artwork and rows of gold-hued Edison bulbs. a warm glow above the bar.

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Oversized Edison bulbs cast a warm glow over Blacksheep Wine Bar’s monochromatic bar.

Tirion Morris

If this concept and its modern decor are new, the historic space is no stranger to the service of alcohol. According to the bar’s website, the building housed a men-only hotel bar in 1921, a century before Blacksheep opened. The new bar is named after a group of women who visited the bar and refused to leave, choosing instead to continue drinking.

“Blacksheep is a nod to rebels, troublemakers, those who don’t like rules,” the website says.

This place embodies that motto. Located in the heart of historic Chandler, with its mellow, small-town atmosphere, this bar has an edge. Servers wear all-black outfits. The music plays louder and the crowd is younger than most nearby restaurants.

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The lounge at Blacksheep Wine Bar in downtown Chandler.

Tirion Morris

Even the cocktails allude to rebellion. Such a rule breaker is the Leaving Heaven cocktail. The drink’s description on the menu, with tequila, lime, orange, and coconut, makes it sound like it should taste like a riff on a piña colada. Instead, it tastes unmistakably like lemon meringue pie.

A dollop of citrus-infused whipped cream swirls evenly on top of the sweet yellow drink. Creamy, rich and with a buttery aftertaste that conjures up memories of pie crust, this cocktail goes down almost too smoothly.

In addition to craft cocktails, an extensive wine and beer list rounds out the drink menu. Happy hour is daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. with big discounts, including $5 glasses of wine and $5 pitchers of beer.

The food menu includes bruschetta boards, pasture boxes filled with meats and cheeses, salads, paninis and pastas. For dessert, choose a pasture box filled with treats or simply order another Leaving Heaven for a perfectly sour and sweet slice of pie in liquid form.

Blacksheep Wine Bar

98 South San Marcos Place, Chandler

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