A sports bar with pickleball courts and golf simulators

A new Med City entertainment center is gearing up to bring backyard fun as a literal ‘sports bar’ with pickleball courts, golf simulators, table tennis as well as a full bar and a kitchen.

Bullets will feature three indoor pickleball courts, six golf simulators, indoor bean bags on Astroturf and a ping pong table.

Chips Shots is under construction in the Haley Center — Previously Shopko North – at 3708 US Highway 63 N. It will join the other tenants of the other center – the Purple Goat Kitchen and Bar, Haley Comfort Systems, ETS performance gym and ActivePT & Sports clinical.

It is locally owned by brothers pseudo and Nate vreeman, Dave Kinneberg, Ryan Utterback as good as Stationary astronaut group, which belongs to the former Minnesota Viking Marcus Sherels and Nick mclaughlin.

“We aim to create a family environment filled with endless entertainment for everyone,” said McLaughlin.

The hope is to open Chip Shots by March 2022.

In addition to plenty of activity choices, Chip Shots will have a large screen to show live sports.

“Don’t just watch the PGA Tour, play the same course in one of our leagues, while you eat totchos and pizza with friends,” added McLaughlin. “The entire facility can be hired for private parties, pickleball, beanbag tournaments, Masters or March Madness.”

The vision of Chip Shots is to create a place where people can socialize and compete in a real environment.

“In a world about to be consumed by the Meta verse, we are building a happy medium. A place where you can still use immersive technology, but move your heart in the third dimension with your friends,” he said. -he declares.

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