A man sits in the Fyzabad bar during his funeral


In life, murdered pensioner Worlene Joseph, 67, spent most of his time liming at One Love Bar in Guapo Road in Fyzabad, a short distance from his home.

In death, he made a final physical stop at the bar where his body was laid on a chair near the entrance for his funeral on Thursday.

He was dressed in a red hat, sunglasses and a face mask. Patrons and mourners were seen dancing to loud music from a loudspeaker and talking to the dead in videos that circulated on social media.

Someone even put a drink in his left hand and a bandana in his right.

Residents reported that the friendly Joseph, affectionately known as Pieman and Caribbean Fox of Dubarry Street Extension, liked to dance and joke around with people.

Joseph and Marvin “Earl” Cross, 47, of Khan Trace, Fyzabad, were shot dead on February 1.

The shooting occurred at Joseph’s home, where he lived alone.

A 41-year-old woman was injured but survived.

No one has been arrested. Southwest Police and Region III Homicide Bureau are investigating.

This is not the first time the country has witnessed such a unique funeral hosted by Dennie’s Funeral Home.

In November 2020, murder victim Che Lewis, 29, showed the dead man sitting in the back of a convertible hearse on the road in Port of Spain.

Lewis and his father, Adlay Lewis, were shot on November 14, 2020 in Diego Martin.

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