21 young people mysteriously die in a bar in South Africa: the tragedy emerges

At the end of June, 21 teenagers under the age of 20 died mysteriously in a secret bar in East London, South Africa. The preliminary results of the autopsy of the deceased have been published in the local press.

Drunk or poisoned? The question remains unanswered since it was discovered on Sunday June 26 in an informal nightclub in the township of East London in South Africa. Lifeless bodies of 21 young people.

Less than a month after the tragedy that shook the whole country, the investigation is progressing and a clue is emerging. Carbon monoxide poisoning seems to be responsible for the tragic death of these 21 young people from the Enopeni restaurant. Message 24.

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The portable gasoline generator was invented

A source tells the news site that the children, aged 13 to 17, may have been killed by toxic fumes from a small gasoline-powered generator allegedly used inside the restaurant. Preliminary autopsy results reportedly found traces of carbon monoxide.

However, the final results of the autopsy have not yet been announced. But the Eastern Cape Health Department said it treated 16 survivors of the tragedy for chest tightness, vomiting, back pain and headaches, which are among the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Youth alcohol problems

Questions have also been raised about the possibility of such young children ending up in a bar in the middle of the night. The case highlights the common problem of young people in South Africa smuggling (sometimes adulterated) alcohol in pubs. Many parents who killed their children in this tragedy are also asking for answers about it.

Most of the parents of the victims said they did not know their children were partying. Some teens told them they slept with friends or relatives.

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